What is Coach Yourself?

Quite simply, CoachYourself.com is a proven 10 step system to help people adopt high performance techniques for growth to propel them into the lift they seek and aspire to.

The essence of the CoachYourself.com system is to recognize the power our limiting beliefs have over us and how they can cause us to get stuck and avoid realizing our growth potential.

The transformational power of the CoachYourself.com system comes from its ability to empower you to take concrete positive action each day to make your dream your reality.

Forward growth all boils down to a simple choice to take one baby step each day in the direction of your dream and to be willing to course correct, but not to give up or abandon your dream.

Despite our best intentions, we can lose our resolve when we decide that we want more from our lives and that we seek to grow and develop. Our fear can show up in the form of resistance to change. Our minds play along with this resistance and soon we have developed a hundred reasons why we can't go after our dream...at least not now, not this way, not until xyz happens, and so on. We put our dream lives on hold and decide our current reality is the best we can muster. At CoachYourself.com, we want more for you from your one precious life! We want you to continue growing and developing even if it takes all you can do to keep moving forward in the face of your fear and resistance. 

We all internalize this type of struggle between our dueling impulses: for safety and security (the Fear impulse given voice by our Inner Critic) versus the growth, risk-taking and development (the Aliveness given voice by our Inner Coach). 

Your Inner Critic serves an important function in your life by signaling an internal warning system to protect you from possible emotional or physical injury and it can cause you to be more introspective in evaluating how you behave.

The problems arise when our Inner Critic has free reign over us and is out of balance with our Inner Coach. If our Inner Critic is overactive, it will keep us stuck at home on the couch, turning down the very adventures that would make our life exciting, vital, connected, and worth living. Maybe we could think about them in the future...? it says.

The goal of CoachYourself.com is to empower your Aliveness. To create balance in your life choices and decision making and self governance processes. To reign in your Inner Critic and to make sure it doesn't become too powerful.

We want to teach you how to create, cultivate, and empower your Inner Coach. We want you to nurture the inner voice of aliveness behind every thought or potential action you consider taking. We want to help you develop your Inner Coach so that they are beside you and cheering you on, helping you choose creativity and aliveness, adventure and boldness. We want to help you internalize a healthier thought process so that you are empowered to CHOOSE YOU!!

What would our life be like if we had a really strong, kind, caring, strategic, and smart coach next to us at every turn, advising us, empowering us, advocating for us? It sounds great, right?

That is my wish for you.

That is my wish for everyone. 

I want us to learn how to make our Inner Coaches at least as powerful as we make our Inner Critics.

I want us to flex and train and nurture and celebrate our Inner Coaches. I want us to ingrain this self supporting, self compassionate and really, voice of self love, so it becomes a living breathing part of us that keeps us making choices that let us grow and develop, become more alive and stay true to our destiny and our reason for being here on this earth in this manifestation at this time to express our greater gifts and to support the same benevolent self expression of those around us!

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10 Principles of Coach Yourself

You are more than your current circumstances.

You are worthy of what you desire.

Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is your job.

You know your "answers." You may not know your path forward to your answer. You have a deep knowing that lies within you that will help you access your answers as you take steps forward in the direction of your dreams.

Fear is not inherently bad. It is only bad when it blocks you from moving forward to create what you want in your life. Your Faith has to be stronger than your Fear to proceed.

Chunking everything down to bite-size portions is always the best (and fastest) way forward.

The only way to get unstuck and break through inertia is to take a small, concrete action.

Iteration (i.e. trial and error, refine, re-try...) is the basis of Design Thinking. Iteration is also how you design the life you want and are excited by.

You cannot control what happens to you. You can control how you perceive and react to what happens to you.

To be willing to coach yourself is to be willing to care enough about yourself to seek the best life for you.