The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Coach

With so many coaches available in every topic today, it can leave people wondering “what do I really need a coach for that I can’t already do for myself?”  Maybe you don’t really need a coach and you have it covered.  However, if you would like to learn more about the top 5 reasons people seek coaching, please read on.

I am going to assume we are talking about CERTIFIED coaches who are highly skilled at coaching (life, business, career, executive).


Life is really busy and people are torn in many directions.  Most people feel like they are too fragmented to focus and are caught always reacting to things, instead of being able to plan and get out in front of life.

A coach can help you use your time together to discuss what your top priorities are and then clearly identify what factors cause you to misfire on fulfilling them.  It could be that you should let some activities go, delegate more, put yourself first more, ask for more help, postpone some lower priorities until a specific date, say “No” more.  Once you feel that you have been able to really clarify what you want and how you want to do it, you will feel more energized that your life is doable and you can let the smaller stuff truly go because it is not in your bulls-eye.

Partnering with a coach should enable you to gain more clarity on what matters to you and how to devote more of your life energy to achieving and experiencing those things.


It is an annoying fact of life, but it’s true:  “What gets measured, gets done.”

If you are at all like me, you go to the gym more when you are meeting someone there.  You go to the grocery store right away if you don’t have what the baby needs.  You get a second wind and finish the report if your boss drops by and says she wants to see it before she leaves. You make it to the mall if it is your best friend’s birthday tomorrow.You miss your favorite show to practice your presentation in the mirror if you know you are delivering it to a packed house tomorrow.

In all these examples, you got something done if someone was counting on you or expecting you to do it.  You were not just accountable to yourself, but you had someone else monitoring your accountability.

A coach can help you stay accountable on the important stuff and help you sort out why certain activities are harder for you to stay accountable on than others and how to address this to free up your energy.


It’s lonely at the top.

No, seriously, it can be lonely when the people around you, including loved ones, don’t really get what you’re after and so they are unable to give you the type of support you would like to have even though they truly want what is best for you.

It is a documented fact that when people start looking for massive change in their lives, whether it is significant weight loss, a new career, or any major life transformation, the people closest to them get threatened.  It isn’t that their family and friends are against them.  It is just that all people find dramatic change threatening, whether they are conscious of it or not.

A coach can provide validation that the transformation you are hoping to bring about in your life is completely possible and within your grasp. Clients often find it useful to have a coach who they can confide in and share just how big their vision really is and how far they really want to go from where they are today.  I think the desire for validation is one of the best reasons to hire a coach.


A truism you often hear about coaching is that “it is hard to see when you are in the frame.”  For the same reasons top athletes hire coaches, people can benefit greatly by having someone objectively analyzing their performance, whether it is in business or in their personal life, and provide concrete feedback about what is working and what may not be working as well as it could.  We all have blind spots and elements in our lives where we are more accurately calibrated than others. I know I do.  When a coach is able to put our performance in context and offer calibrated feedback against what we are looking to achieve, it can make it easier and quicker for us to move forward.  Isn’t that what we want?


People who are interested in high performance are always looking for the newest ideas and technologies to move ahead and gain the edge. Coaches are trained in frameworks and tools to help people quickly identify how to outperform their current state and gain new competencies rapidly. The best coaches continue to train and are always in continuing professional education and master classes.  If you choose to work with a coach, be sure to challenge them about what frameworks and techniques they have seen work for their clients with similar objectives to yours.  

If you decide to make an investment in hiring a coach, be sure that you take the time upfront to converse with them and assess the fit. A coach that helped your friend get a dramatic change may not be the right fit for you and what you want. Most coaches make a practice of offering a free conversation with you with no strings attached to see if what you want is a good fit with what they offer and for you both to assess if the chemistry is good. Spending the time upfront before you commit to a coaching relationship is always time well spent.